Hey there, I'm Emley (pronounced em-ley)! 

Diving into the world of circuits as an electrical engineer by day, and igniting stages with my independent singer-songwriter prowess by night, I call sunny San Diego, CA my home. But let me tell you, singing has been my North Star from the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper. 

Imagine this: my earliest memories are painted with the enchanting brushstrokes of my grandfather's operatic serenades. I was only 3, but those melodies ignited a fire within me that still blazes today. There's a magic in performing that sweeps me off my feet, setting me free in a world of pure exhilaration. When I take the mic, I'm not just singing; I'm infusing the universe with love and empowerment through every note. 

Let's rewind a bit. Picture me as that young girl with big dreams, belting out tunes and chasing melodies. From those tender years all the way through college, I doggedly pursued my passion. Singing lessons? Check. Musicals? Nailed it. The National Anthem? Oh, you bet. I even dared to audition for the grand stage of American Idol. And that's not all—imagine me channeling my inner diva, captivating audiences with "Think of Me" from the iconic Phantom of the Opera during a college music performance. 

But here's the real gem: my ultimate aspiration in this harmonious journey is to be more than just a voice. I'm on a mission to sprinkle inspiration and empowerment like confetti, sparking a revolution where people embrace their authentic selves, chase their dreams with fierce determination, and stand tall in their freedom and strength. 

So, here we are, you and I, connected through these words. It warms my heart that you're delving into my story, and I'm practically bursting with anticipation for the infinite horizons of possibilities that "we" are poised to unveil upon the world. Let's make our mark, let our spirits collide with the rhythm of greatness, and create a symphony of magic that resonates far and wide.

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